Cheap Party Bus Rental

Cheap party bus rental is possible if you are willing to be a bit flexible in your schedule and or your choice of a type of a party bus. Here we look at a few options that may make it cheaper to rent a party bus for your next occasion.

Rent on a week day.
Renting on a week day may not be an option for everyone but it is usually cheaper to rent on Friday than it is on a Saturday. Friday vs Saturday may not be much of a difference anyway depending on your ocasion and it probably will save you anywhere from $80 to $150. Renting on a Thursday will save you even more.

Rent a school bus party bus.
If style of bus doesn't matter for your event then renting a school bus that has been remodeled into a school bus may be the cheapest option for you. Remodelled school busses usually don't look as stylish as a regular limo bus but if you are doing a 70s themed pub crawl or a New Years pub crawl then style of a bus may not be of concern to you. If you are renting for a wedding then you probably don't want to travel by school bus.

Get friends to chip in.
Getting friends to chip in is an option depending on your event. Usually if it is a bachelor or bachelorette party frinds have no problem chipping in $20 - $30 especially if you provide one or 2 cases of beer on the party bus.

Rent for less hours.
Renting for less hours is obviously going to make it cheaper. You can always fill one or 2 hours with some fun activities before you leave for downtown on your party bus. Renting for 4 hours vs 6 hours should save anywhere from $160 - $300 depending on hourly rates. If you leave at 9 pm and start heading back at 1 am from downtown it should be plenty of time for fun at downtown bars.